The Fine Print

Our Star Rating System

1 Star- We didn’t care for this book and or didn’t finish it.

2 Stars- We thought the book was okay but we wouldn’t really recommend it.

3 Stars- This is the middle of the road.

4 Stars- We enjoyed the book and would shout it from the rooftops.

5 Stars- We love you!


We also give our reviews a rating for content:


GA- General Audiences


PGS-resizePGS- Parental Guidance Suggested


QC-13-resizeQC-13 – Questionable Content/No one under 13


NU-18-resizeNU-18 – No one Under 18

Our Policy

  1. We are not accepting books for review at this time.
  2. Books come into our possession in different ways.  We use the library.  Friends offer recommendations.  We also purchase books from all kinds of bookstores and of course we buy them online. We prefer e-books for review but will accept physical books.  Please contact us by e-mail for details.
  3. We reserve the right not to review any book.  We reserve the right not to review any book that is submitted for review.
  4. We will always be respectful and offer constructive criticism we know that author’s put a lot of time and effort into writing books.
  5. Please use the contact us form to submit requests.
  6. We respond to every request for review.  Even if we are not interested.
  7. We require two to six weeks to review submitted and accepted books.
  8. The Modest Verge does not post reviews anywhere else online or in print unless specifically requested by the author and we reserve the right to deny any request. We are not responsible for any review removed from Amazon by Amazon. We do post links to our reviews on
  9. We do not receive or accept money for reviews. We also do not receive any compensation from authors featured on Wattpad Wednesday.
  10. We will always disclose in our review if the book was provided by the author or publisher.
  11. We use the publisher’s summary or other reputable summary in an effort to be fair to every book that we review.  We offer our opinions on The Modest Verge.  It is not our intent to actively dissuade anyone from reading any book.  Books are sacred here and we value every one of them.
  12. All book covers are unaltered and belong to the author.  Credits for the background images can be found at the bottom of every post.
  13. The Modest Verge is not responsible for the content of Wattpad Wednesday features. We promote stories based solely on their descriptions. Our intent is to bring our readers interesting stories to consider.

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