Book Stories: Nancy Warren


My Book Story: Georgette Heyer & Susan Elizabeth Phillips
by Nancy Warren
There’s comfort food, there are the comfort clothes, the old baggie things that are perfect for curling up in, and there are comfort reads. For me, when I’m stressed, sick, having a bad day or simply want that feel of visiting an old friend that a well-loved book gives you, I have two main go-to authors. Georgette Heyer and Susan Elizabeth Phillips.
Georgette_HeyerGeorgette Heyer wrote her delicious, funny regency romances back in the 1920s to 1950s, mainly. I can practically recite parts of the books but I don’t care. I read them anyway over and over. Thank goodness for ebooks because myGHVenetiaprint ones are falling apart. When Harlequin was reissuing some of the Heyer books I was thrilled and honored to be asked to write the forward forVenetia, which is, coincidentally, my absolute favorite of Ms. Heyer’s books.
SEPMy other comfort read is Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I think she does romantic comedy like no one else. What I love about her books is that her stories aren’t all sunshine and butterflies. There are dark moments that make the light parts so much brighter.  My all time favorites are: It Had to Be You, Dream a Little Dream and Glitter Baby. But they’re all good. I’ve recently discovered that she is aIHTBY Georgette Heyer fan too, which sort of brings it full circle. Of course, there are all kinds of other amazing authors I love. Reading is the greatest hobby in the world, but on those dark days when the rain is falling and I just need a break, reading one of these wonderful books is like a visit with a dear friend.

nancy-warrenNancy Warren is a USA Today bestselling Harlequin and Kensington author who got her big break when she won Harlequin’s 2000 Blaze Contest. Her sensuous, humorous romances have won numerous awards and appeared on the Waldenbooks bestseller list.

Awards and lists are great, but nothing beats the thrill of hearing from readers. Most have commented on how much they enjoy the mixture of humor and sexuality in Nancy’s books—which is good, because she works darned hard to put them in there.

Nancy holds an honors degree in English literature and lives in the Pacific Northwest. She spends her days sensibly employed inventing men who combine amazing sexual prowess with sensitivity to a woman’s needs, and women who aren’t afraid to fight for their dreams.

Nancy Warren
USA Today Bestselling Author
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