Review: The Paladin Caper by Patrick Weekes

The Paladin Caper (Rogues of the Republic 3) by Patrick Weekes

TPCBook Description:  A thief’s good deeds are never done.

Loch and her crew are determined to stop the ancients from returning to reclaim the world they once ruled, but the kidnapping of a friend throws their plans awry. When a desperate rescue turns into a shocking reunion, the ancients return and seize power. Determined to stop them, Loch and the group look for a way to close the gate to the ancients’ world, but this time, they find themselves up against an enemy that has insinuated itself into the highest ranks of the Republic. Cruel, cunning, and connected, the ancients target the crew’s families and histories, threatening to tear friendships apart.

If that weren’t bad enough, Loch must deal with her treacherous assassin sister, her turncoat ancient friend, and a daemon who has sworn to hunt her to the ends of the earth. In order to save the Republic and pull off her largest con ever, Loch will need her friends…and maybe her enemies too.

My Review: I really enjoyed this book. I decided to listen to it instead of reading it because in the past I’ve gotten hung up on the complicated names of the characters. Justine Eyre narrates this series and does a far better job of saying the names than I ever could. So, I was happy to let her entertain me. I enjoyed her narration of this series. She has a dozen different voices in her arsenal which I appreciate. An audio book is a lot more fun when the narrator is very talented.

This books wraps everything up so I think it’s the last one. I can’t say that I was ready for the series to be over but this was a great end. It was also left open so maybe it’s not the end forever.

Patrick Weeks writes fascinating characters and I’m going to miss these characters. My favorite thing about this series has always been the characters. They are balanced and well thought out. I’m not just talking about character arcs. The personalities of the characters are balanced, not just with the other characters but within themselves. The book I read before this one had a strong main character who went completely off the rails. The character began acting in a way that moved the plot along put abandoned all semblance of who the character had proven herself to be up to that point. I stopped reading. It made me appreciate how this story’s characters were constructed.

I was surprised when the end came. I should have known that Patrick Weeks would bring the series together in the same fashion that he does each individual book. I always expect to see how the con will conclude because the author always appears to share everything of consequence. I have never felt as if something was being kept from me but something always has. I guess that’s the trademark of a great storyteller. If this is the last one, I’m going to miss this series.




5 starPGS_round






Background Image: Falkensteiner Cave by Hans


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