Tricky Twenty-Two


Tricky Twenty-Two by Janet Evanovich

TrickyBook Description:  Stephanie Plum might not be the world’s greatest bounty hunter, but she knows when she’s being played. Ken Globovic (aka Gobbles), hailed as the Supreme Exalted Zookeeper of the animal house known as Zeta fraternity, has been arrested for beating up the dean of students at Kiltman College. Gobbles has missed his court date and gone into hiding. People have seen him on campus, but no one will talk. Things just aren’t adding up, and Stephanie can’t shake the feeling that something funny is going on at the college—and it’s not just Zeta fraternity pranks.

As much as people love Gobbles, they hate Doug Linken. When Linken is gunned down in his backyard it’s good riddance, and the list of possible murder suspects is long. The only people who care about finding Linken’s killer are Trenton cop Joe Morelli, who has been assigned the case, security expert Ranger, who was hired to protect Linken, and Stephanie, who has her eye on a cash prize and hopefully has some tricks up her sleeve.

My Review: This wasn’t my favorite Stephanie Plum book. It has an excellent main plot that is well thought out and well executed. It reminded me of the early days of this series. Things fell apart for me in the character relationships. Are we nearing the end of the series? It really felt like it.

Reason One:

I have never been a fan of the relationship between Stephanie and Morelli. I don’t like the character. His biggest failing is that he doesn’t accept her for who she is. It could also be argued that she hasn’t accepted herself. Twenty-two full fledged books; he doesn’t get it and she’s still in denial. That horse really can’t be flogged anymore, its desiccated bones can’t handle it. There isn’t anything left. That’s why the side story in this book bothered me so much. Morelli treats her badly. He always treats her badly but in this book it’s really terrible. The reasons he gives at the end are inadequate at best. Laughable, really. Then she forgives all in a really big way. A really, really big way.

Reason Two:

I am not a Ranger fan either. Until this book it looked like he had commitment issues. He’s hardly in this one and things appear to have completely cooled between them. I think it’s time for a new love interest.

Reason Three:

Stephanie’s mom finally understands why Stephanie likes bond enforcement by the end of this book. The apocalypse is near. What will they disagree about if the proper Mrs. Plum understands her daughter and no longer finds her exasperating? Apocalypse.

Lula and Grandma Mazur are just as fun and entertaining as usual. They are actually more fun and entertaining than usual because of the tense plot. Lula is hysterical as always. There are a few laugh out loud moments but I still think the apocalypse is near for this series. It needs new life. Hopefully in the form of a new love interest. I’ll give it one more book.

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