The End

johnny_automatic_booksIt has been a fantastic two years here at The Modest Verge Book Blog but it’s time for us to say goodbye. We’ve learned a lot and met so many wonderful people. This has truly been a terrific experience.

Jessica and I have decided to take on other projects but we will never forget all of the great authors who sent us books to review and those who gave their time by writing their Book Story. We are very grateful and will never forget your kindness.

We still have a book or two left to review. I didn’t want to go out with a goodbye. I want to go out with book reviews. We plan to post them closer to their release date in all the usual places. In fact I’ll be posting Death Before Daylight next Monday. It’s part of the Timely Death trilogy by Shannon A. Thompson. It’s fitting that Death Before Daylight is the last book I review here. Minutes Before Sunset, the first book in the trilogy was the first book an author ever sent to me. Thank you Shannon A. Thompson.

I would also like to thank Jessica for going on this book excursion with me. I probably didn’t say thank you enough. I feel like we visited every corner of the world. (Jessica, remember the zombies in the desert? Oh, and that girl we saw who stole books?) Jessica is going to concentrate on her amazing blog Jessica’s Family Genealogy. If you have genealogy questions you should contact her. It’s her passion and she’s very knowledgeable.


If you haven’t already, please check out all of the authors that participated in our Book Stories Series. You can find them all in the Book Stories drop down menu above. They all had very moving stories to tell. We’re very proud that we were able to bring them to you.

Finally, Jessica and I would like to thank our readers. So many of you were here from the beginning and this wouldn’t have been as much fun without you.

Thank you to everyone for the book memories,

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