Cursed Once More by Amanda DeWees

Cursed Once More

by Amanda DeWees

Book Summary:

She went in search of her past… and found danger in the present.

Former seamstress Clara Blackwood seems to have found happiness at last. Having defied the Gravesend Curse, she is a blissfully married baroness and mistress of a grand estate. But now a mysterious summons shatters her contented life.

Clara grew up believing that her mother’s family had disowned them. But the grandmother Clara never knew is now entreating her to visit Thurnley Hall, the family seat in Yorkshire. The old lady is on her deathbed and anxious to disclose vital family secrets before it’s too late–for Clara’s unborn child may be cursed with a horrible fate.

Accompanied by her devoted husband, Atticus, Clara arrives at Thurnley to find intrigue brewing. Her boorish uncle, Horace Burleigh, is greedy for her wealth and desperate to protect the family’s mysteries. Superstitious fear of Atticus torments the hulking Romanian servant, Grigore, and even the soft-spoken young ward, Victor Lynch, may have secret motives for getting close to Clara and her husband.

When her grandmother dies under suspicious circumstances, Clara feels compelled to investigate. And when Atticus vanishes mysteriously, she must draw on all her strength and determination to find him before his time runs out… before her life can be cursed once more.

My Review:

Wow! Talk about a follow up.  Cursed Once More picks up where With This Curse left off and goes so much further. You have a bigger curse, a spookier setting and more danger.

Let’s start with Atticus.  He is a wonderful husband and thinks about Clara is everything he does.  He treats her as his equal and would fight to the death for her.  When he goes missing you can’t help but feel his loss. He is a force to be reckoned with.

Clara has her worries about meeting her Mother’s family. Who wouldn’t. And to add to the pressure surrounding her is the pregnancy, of which she hasn’t told Atticus.  Clara knows her Uncle is hiding much more then the loss of money in there home and when Atticus goes missing her world gets turned upside down.

This book adds a new curse.  One that not only affects Clara and Atticus, but their unborn child.  As always with Amanda’s book you are drawn into her world.  She tells the story like no other.  Victorian Gothic has a new Queen. temp-4










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