The Introduction by Julia Druk

The Introduction by Julia Druk from 1920: The Roaring Anthology


TRABook Description:  As the Lost Generation struggled to move past the devastation of The Great War they embraced massive social change. Jazz, movies and technological innovation whirled with gangsters, prohibition and political upheaval. By the end of the decade Black Thursday would usher in the Great Depression and the world would grow steadily darker. But this was just the beginning…

1920: The Roaring Anthology

The Introduction by Julia Druk
Wally Pendleton imagined a life of fame and importance yet, somehow, he found himself – and more – as a mundane census worker.

Trenchers by Ron Perazza
Great War veteran Charlie Clerk returns to the battlefield to confront an all too familiar enemy lurking in the abandoned trenches and bunkers of Europe.

Comedy is Pain by Peter Timony
The Keystone Kops might be masters of physical comedy but it’ll take more than trips and slips for professional slapstick Chuck Cooper to solve a real life Hollywood murder.

Poltergeist by Matthew Petz
The vigilante Poltergeist is the scourge of the underworld – literally! Gangsters and the great unknown collide in the streets of New York City on the brink of eldritch horror.

Dearest Delilah by Dave McCullough
Jack might be crazy but before he tried to kill himself he needed to explain to Delilah exactly why it wasn’t suicide. Hopefully.



My Review: I am currently crazy for the 1920’s. I saw this anthology and thought that the universe went ahead and put two of my favorite things together just for me. Those things are the 1920’s and short fiction if you don’t stop by often. And if that’s the case you’re really missing out. We have beautiful Book Stories for you.

This story started out slow but it gained momentum when the main character takes a job as a census worker. I will never look at census workers the same way again. I assumed that they just went around happily spreading bad handwriting into every crevice of the United States. I never gave a thought to them being treated with suspicion and the fact that often there was a language barrier. I have a new found respect for the census takers of long ago.

Just about the time when you think this story is going to lead to the main character walking out into traffic, to put himself out of his misery, Julia Druk lowers the boom and completely blows your mind. I love a story with a twist at the end and this one definitely delivers. Pick it up now. You can get the whole anthology for just $.99 at the moment and if the rest of the stories are even one tenth as good as this one was, it will be the best dollar you spend all week.

lynn signaturePicsArt_1375992730999PGS_round





I am rating this PGS not because of any sex or violence (there isn’t any) but because it’s not a children’s book. It has complex themes because of that twist ending.




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