Perfect Cover by Mark McGinn

81CBi0ruouL._SL1500_Perfect Cover

by Mark McGinn

Book Summary:

Henry Peters hasn’t got much to boast about. He’s not showy, has average intelligence, and he’s definitely not a big-noter. Living in Christchurch suburbia with his wife, teaching overseas students in a private training establishment, Henry likes his students and he likes them dead, once he’s done. He used to head the science department. Not now. He sought and missed out on a promotion to deputy CEO. He feels his wife’s disappointment in him. Then a 7.1 earthquake strikes the city damaging his old work premises. Suddenly, Henry’s in the light and people need his help. But no one knows his secret and, more importantly, he needs to make sure they stay in the dark.

A chilling short story about a serial killer that has you looking sideways at your neighbour!

My Review:

Talk about your twists and turns.  This short story will keep you turning pages.  It’s creepy and real and makes you think.

Henry is a quiet well bread man who has a sinister side.  When he is called to help after the earthquake he knows he must get to Abby first so his secrets aren’t revealed.

This book send chills up your spine and draws you into this serial killers world.  If your looking for something horrifying, with a great chill factor then you might want to check it out. temp-4










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