Cursed by Stephen Leather

Cursed by Stephen Leather

cursedBook Description:  Jack Nightingale – lives in the shadows, fights in the dark.

Ex-cop turned private eye Jack Nightingale is used to dealing with tricky situations. He’s faced down the powers of hell a couple of times, too. In this new short story, he’s called in to help a policeman who’s lying at death’s door. The doctors can’t work out what’s wrong. But the dying man’s colleagues swear blind that he was cursed by a gypsy during the Dale Farm clearance. And Nightingale could be his only hope.

My Review: I love the Jack Nightingale series and I love the way that Stephen Leather writes the series. Jack Nightingale is a different kind of character. I read a lot of books that deal in magical this and that. What makes this character exciting is that he doesn’t care for any of it. He doesn’t think that magic is fun. He isn’t interested in it at all. He’s the kind of guy who does the job that’s before him. If that includes lifting a curse of two, well he isn’t exactly happy to jump in, but if you give him no choice he’ll work the problem. I think that may be my favorite thing about Jack Nightingale. He doesn’t want to be in the middle of magic. He’s not Harry Dresden. He doesn’t even appear to want to learn the magical arts and know the “hows” of a situation. He knows what pertains to him and that’s good enough or maybe too much. Good thing he has Mrs. Steadman and her magical know how.

It’s probably necessary to have read the books before reading the short stories. I suggest it. You would be lost and it does adds that layer of creepy that the books have. I love that layer of creepy. It really made the books for me. It also will make you take a second look at dark corners.

This story managed to have the same feel as the books without the length. Not that the books are long because they fly by too. It was a quick hit that I really needed.  It’s fun, creepy, and even has an ewww factor. If you loved the books you won’t be disappointed. Cursed is free at the moment on Kindle.

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Some language and violence. Jack Nightingale has a way with words and people.





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