100 Malicious Little Mysteries

100 Malicious Little Mysteries

100MMM Book Description: Charmingly insidious and satisfyingly devious, these 100 baffling little mysteries—selected by such prominent authors as Isaac Asimov—are just the thing to suit your most malevolent mood. These tales come from the pen of many well-known writers in the field, including Michael Gilbert, Edward Wellen, Edward D. Hack, Bill Bronzini, Lawrence Treat, and Francis Nevins, Jr. Whether it’s “The Unfriendly Neighbor,” or a “Class Reunion,” “A Recipe for Revenge,” or “An Exercise in Insurance,” these stories are sure to keep you up all night, puzzling over their possible solutions. Each one has its own particular and irresistible appeal: an unexpected twist, a delectable puzzle, a devastating revelation, or perhaps even a refreshing display of pernicious spirit.

My Review: As far as I’m concerned this is the ultimate collection of short stories. It’s been a favorite of mine for years. I go back to it over and over. A lot of these stories were written before I was even born but they stand the test of time.

These stories are very well written and completely entertaining. I even enjoy the stories where I don’t understand the twist.

There are a few stories that I have read a dozen times. A Matter of Life and Death by Bill Pronzini and Barry N. Malzberg may be my favorite short story in this collection. It is told through a series of letters from Herman Skolnick to a variety of people. He wants an answer to the question: Is there life after death? He gets several answers that urge him in different directions that all lead him to the same place to spend time and money. They want him to spend time and money on their products. I won’t spoil the end. It’s very clever and I enjoyed that the story was told in an unconventional way.

Most of these stories are very short. Perfect Pigeon is only two pages and manages to entertain while getting directly to the point. There is a story in this book for everyone. I love it an so will you.

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