Forever by Olivia Darlene

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by Olivia Darlene

About the Author:

I am currently working on my novel Forever. Please go an check it out. It has now reached 1k reads! You know how exciting that is? Okay, so I may be a little new to this whole experience, but it is so thrilling to say the least.

Forever has a website you definitely need to check out!
There is also a shout box/chat box on my home page where you are able to leave comments and please do.

Also, please help spread the love and comment, vote and share Forever with everyone!

Book Summary:

Something terrible has transpired, leaving Aislin Camille Burd with no recollection of anything. She awakes to an empty room and stumbles upon a note addressed to her. Hearing the distant footfalls and voices of others, Aislin grabs the note and climbs out of the only window in the room. Intrigued by the mysterious message, she sets out on a mission to find the author. Questions loom before her and she must find the answers before she goes mad. She is a person of ambition and is ruled by her need and desire to bring order to chaos…





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