The Beast Inside by Cazadara

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The Beast Inside

by Cazadara

About the Author:

Hey everybody! I am a book obsessed, tree hugging, music loving tomboy.

I hike a ton and am currently climbing the 46 Adirondack high peaks, I have 28 done! I go on a camping/canoe trip every summer and love to go in the woods whenever possible, so most days in the summer you can find me in the woods behind my house. I also go to Crossfit, ski, and horseback ride, so yeah.

I also love to draw and paint but I am a total amateur, I do it all the time but they totally suck, but hey, it’s still really fun!

I love almost all books, excluding like serious hardcore horror, I like zombie and action but I can’t do the murderer, psycho killer type, sorry. So please recommend me books, I’m always on the hunt for a good read (:

I just started writing publicly and if you want to check it out and give me advice that would be wonderful!

Book Summary:

We all feel that instinct inside us take hold, that primal urge to run to the arms of the forest, to collapse into the invigorating waters of a woods seemingly known only as myth.

But when the world takes a turn for the worst can you stand up and fight or will you slink back and cower in fear?

Tony and Ari have been abducted by people claiming that a war is coming, a war of unimaginable size. And they are the only answer.

Without them humans race will die, the world will die.

They don’t want this, not this life, not this mission, but it’s too late, they are already changed, there’s no going back.

But can these people be trusted? These abductors, scientists, and assassins?

Is the world really ending?

Can it really be stopped?


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