Hunter Born by L.M. Justus


Hunter Born

by L.M. Justus

Book Summary:

If a vampire destroyed your life, would you give up or fight back?

Trudy’s life is looking up, and she suspects her boyfriend is about to propose marriage. Then the unthinkable happens, tragedy strikes, and her world spins into darkness. Now Trudy has to make a decision: succumb to her misery and give up, or train to fight the monsters that ruined her life.

Find out if Trudy has what it takes to embrace her new destiny in this short story companion to the Darkness Trilogy. HUNTER BORN can be read on its own or as a supplement to the trilogy.

My Review:

This book explores How a Vampire Hunter comes to be.  When Elizabeth shows up at Trudy’s door months after the worst night of her life she is still recovering. But she knows she has survived a vampire attach and she is ready to fight back.

Our trio of survivors each have there own story, but Trudy is the one we focus on in Hunter Born.  She is a strong woman who has just lived threw a hellish ordeal and needs to find a purpose to it all.  Trudy is a minor character in the first novel in L. M. Justus’s Welcome to the Darkness.

This short story was fast paced and well laid out. It’s a great introduction to this author and I look forward to picking up the first book in the Darkness Trilogy. temp-4










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