The Missing Magic by C. J. Knight


missing-magic-400The Missing Magic

by C. J. Knight

Book Summary:

Seventeen-year-old Jenna’s family and most of her friends are witches. She should be a witch too, but there’s one problem – her magic hasn’t shown itself yet. She knows that if a witch doesn’t come into her power before her eighteenth birthday, it’ll probably never happen. As her birthday draws close, Jenna is starting to panic, and the matter is complicated by her attraction to Scott, a male witch in her family’s coven. Although he’s just a year older than Jenna, Scott is already very powerful, and barely knows that she exists.

Jenna is unable to face a life with no power, and is convinced Scott will never notice her if she remains without magic. In desperation, Jenna seeks help from a dark magician, not considering that there will be a price to pay.

Will Jenna find a way to obtain the power that’s her birthright? And will she ever have a chance with Scott?

This is a romantic YA paranormal short story / novelette of approximately 16,800 words, or 52 printed pages.

My Review:

Jenna comes from a long line of pure witches.  There hasn’t been anyone in her family without power, that is until now.  In her desperate attempt to gain magic she is willing to do anything. Even go to Silvio Jardine, who is probably one of the creepiest characters I have come across. Silvio of course isn’t willing to do something for absolutely nothing in return.

The summary suggests that Scott doesn’t know Jenna exists, but that is not entirely accurate.  Their part of the story is sweet and keeps you reading. Not that her trying to get her powers doesn’t, I am just a romance junkie as most of you have figured out by now. Scott is a genuinely nice guy and the way it plays out with Jenna is nice.  It’s not crazy fast and it’s just right for them.

I really enjoyed this short story and would love to read more about the witches and the coven itself.  Jenna’s mother is a very powerful witch who comes from a long line of coven leaders which could play out into so many different things. temp-4










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