Brilliant Mothers of the Naked Waifs by VL Durand

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Brilliant Mothers of the Naked Waifs 

by VL Durand

About the Author:

VL Durand began poetry blog writing and social commentary in 2008. She is the author of several books on prose and poetry. She just completed her first book for children called ‘The Big Blue Bird’ with a second one reported in the works. She also paints, writes songs, plays the triangle, sings in the shower and collects old jazz recordings. She is currently roaming the streets of NYC looking for inspiration.

Book Summary:

This book is a collection of poetry celebrating life. It brings a passionate voice to the subjugated and the free, the lover and beloved, the abused and empowered. It questions, provokes, encourages, embraces and gives wings to the poet in all of us.

Also be sure and check out our review of VL Durands children’s book The Big Blue Bird and our Author Interview.

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