The Big Blue Bird by VL Durand

51zwkEywyaLThe Big Blue Bird

by VL Durand

Book Summary:

“Trust is essential for true friendship.” Can two creatures as different as a bird and a snake be friends? This is a charming tale of a chance meeting between a lonely bird and a debonair snake and what happens when their budding friendship is faced with an accusation of betrayal. This story reminds us all of the great gift of friendship and the power of faith and trust.

Viola’s Review:
It’s a good story. You shouldn’t be mean to anyone. Good people are nice. My favorite part is when they go up in the tree and take a nap. I want to read it every night. I wonder what the bird and snake are going to do next.temp (7)



Jessica’s Review:

This is an excellent book to show children the value of true friendship.  It also shows how not everyone is the same and just because your different doesn’t mean that you are not a nice person. When snake tells the butterfly that her demeanor is not pretty to him it was nice to hear Viola say “that wasn’t very nice, the butterfly shouldn’t be like that”.

On Tuesday we’ll have our interview with VL Durand. She answers our questions about diversity in children’s books and that ever nagging question: Crushed or cubed?

The illustrations are wonderful.  VL Durand has captured the essence of a great children’s book. Jessica signature











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