Anastasia by V. M. Sawh


by V. M. Sawh

Book Summary:

Welcome to Good Tales For Bad Dreams, a short-fiction series of re-imagined fairy tales. Each story is set in a different time and place. Some will be familiar, others will not. So, strip bare your assumptions, open your mind and see these tales told like never before.

This is the story of Anastasia, a sister of the Black House, and a wicked stepsister to the girl who would be Cinderella.

My Review:

It goes without saying that I love a good re-imaging of a classic fairy tale, and Anastasia is no exception. In this version Anastasia is a sister at the Black House.  Stepmother is the  Madam of the brothel and Drucilla is another Sister.

Anastasia is good at what she does, but she has gone a long way from home and down many paths before she came to the Black House.  While there, Stepmother inflicts cruelty upon her and she realizes it is not the place she thought it was.  So she sets off for the castle.

At this point it is worth mentioning Rella. The shy girl who lives at the Black House, but only cleans it. It is her mission that has brought Anastasia to the castle and the Prince.

Anastasia is a smart woman who knows what she wants and how to get it.  Her story is well written and a new and very imaginative tale.  I look forward to picking up the next adventure in the Good Tales For Bad Dreams series.

This is a quick read and free on wattpad. It leads into the story of Cinder which you can find on Amazon. Jessica signature












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