Serpent Priestess Of The Annunaki by Katrina Sisowath

Serpent Priestess Of The Annunaki by Katrina Sisowath


SPABook Description: The Annunaki on Nibiru lack precious metals, stones and minerals, which they desire, food on Nibiru is also running low. Their solution: establish a colony on a distant planet teeming with wildlife and vegetation. When the Annunaki discover they are ill equipped to labor under the harsh conditions found on Earth, they create a workforce called humans, a hybrid manufactured from their DNA and a species known as hominid.

The Serpent Priestess Ninkha and her husband Lord Enki are charged with this task, battling not only the challenges faced adjusting to life on Earth, but Enki’s brother, Enlil, as well. Will the humans live as Enki and Ninkha envisioned–able to learn, create and above all, reason? Or will they subjugate themselves to Enlil and his rule willingly?

At stake is the future of the Priestesses of Damuth, who, along with their serpents, service the Annunaki with their own blood, providing those who partake of the cocktail of blood and venom the ultimate in achieving a higher state of consciousness, along with youth, vigour and longevity. If Enlil, whose disdain of them is well-known, wins, what will happen to them?

To protect themselves and their descendants they form the ‘Dragon Court’, but is it enough?

Serpent Priestesses or Witches, Gods or Demons,

Aliens or Ancestors, Oppressors or Creators?

Perhaps all of the above…………..


*The author sent us a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.*

My Review: I want to begin with one word: Dragons. Every Annunaki (the people of this story) are bonded to a dragon when they are born. That bit of information is in chapter one and the story only gets better from there. This has a large scope and reads like epic fantasy which I suppose it is. When I say big I honestly mean big. This book covers a lot of ground.

It is also monumentally creative and well written. I couldn’t help but be reminded of The Kings Blood by Sabrina Zbasnik. Both of these authors managed to create sweeping worlds full of mythology and brightly painted characters and civilizations. If you enjoyed The Kings Blood then Serpent Princess of the Annunaki should be the next book you read.

This book is complicated. You have to pay close attention. There is an enormous amount of mythology. It’s very interesting but you have to pay attention. In addition to the intense mythology years pass in this book so you have to watch out for that as well. When it starts out the characters are just fifteen.

It’s worth noting that the names in this book are complicated and sort of look like each other. It’s something else to pay attention to. Katrina Sisowath has a great glossary on her website that will help you keep all of the characters straight. It will also tell you all about the characters and who they were in history.

This story puts a new spin on creation myths. If you are a history buff you’ll enjoy that aspect as I did. I haven’t heard one yet that included space ships so this was entertaining. The author managed to twist science fiction with history and make a beautiful flower out of it. If you love your ancient history with a sci-fi flourish then you’ll love this book. Even if you just love history give this a try because Katrina Sisowath obviously knows her ancient history.

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