Ugly Duck by Jacob Carlisle

Ugly Duck by Jacob Carlisle from Dark Fantasy: Six Short Stories



DFBook Description: Dark Fantasy is a collection of six short stories, each containing a supernatural or mysterious element and each making for scary (and sometimes funny!) bedtime reading. When you open this book, you’ll find angels, wizards, monsters and aliens as well as a motley collection of unlikely heroes and heroines such as Doris Dorking, the most unfortunate fifteen-year-old in the world, and Gerald Fletch who claims to have abandoned his partner in a flying saucer.


My Review:  I read Ugly Duck which is the first story in this collection. I really enjoyed it. It’s about Doris Dorking, a fifteen year old who the world has abandoned. She is universally unloved because she isn’t pretty. Since her parents hate her and her classmates laugh at her and don’t invite her to parties, she begins to despair.

That’s when God enters the picture, or not, depending on how you see things. Doris decides to take drastic measures to relieve her heartache from being unloved and unwanted. For better or for worse you’ll love Doris. Yes, she’s pathetic and desperate but you’ll feel for her.

This story is very well told. I think that fans of Holly Black will love this little gem. I did. This story is suitable for teens and adults alike. I think both, either have felt like Doris, or are currently feeling like Doris. Either way this is a fantastic story and it will remind you to always check the fine print.

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