The Prophecy Con by Patrick Weekes

The Prophecy Con: Rogues of the Republic by Patrick Weekes


Book Description:

TPCcoverWho would have thought a book of naughty poems by elves could mean the difference between war and peace? But if stealing the precious volume will keep the Republic and the Empire from tearing out each other’s throats, rogue soldier Isafesira de Lochenville—“Loch” to friends and foes alike—is willing to do the dishonest honors. With her motley crew of magic-makers, law-breakers, and a talking warhammer, she’ll match wits and weapons with dutiful dwarves, mercenary knights, golems, daemons, an arrogant elf, and a sorcerous princess.

But getting their hands on the prize—while keeping their heads attached to their necks—means Loch and company must battle their way from a booby-trapped museum to a monster-infested library, and from a temple full of furious monks to a speeding train besieged by assassins. And for what? Are a few pages of bawdy verse worth waging war over? Or does something far more sinister lurk between the lines?

My Review:  I’m going to try and keep this short.  This book is just as good as the first. I also think that you have to read the first one before you read this one. Nothing is going to make sense if you haven’t read The Palace Job. The Prophecy Con picks up not long after the close of The Palace Job. It has Loch in trouble once again. Trouble follows her everywhere. If we learned anything from The Palace Job it was that Loch finds herself in trouble all the time. It’s a very good thing that she’s really good at getting herself back out of it.

The first couple of chapters are about getting the band back together. Mostly her band of thieves come to Loch’s aid. I liked that. It didn’t show her as weak, in fact, it had the opposite effect. It showed that Loch had their respect, which is priceless. It also showed that they wanted to be there and that they liked being in a group. I liked that they liked being together. It’s true that when the story starts they are off living their own lives but they stay in touch and come back together for Loch and that means everything.

The best thing about this book, for me, was that it was like catching up with old friends. By the end of The Palace Job you cared about every one of Loch’s band of misfit thieves. I couldn’t wait for this book to come out so that I knew what happened to them. I wanted to know if they remained happy with the choices they made and what happened to them.

The characters in this book will keep you reading. The plot will keep you entertained and the names for things will keep you on your toes. You’ll love this adventure just as much as the first and possibly more. The story is deeper and even more involved because now we know about Loch’s world. Now we know what’s possible. This book delivers on all fronts. You won’t be disappointed.

All of our favorites are back for this one. I love that war hammer. I haven’t found many fantasy heist stories so if you have any suggestions let us know because I loved this one. And for the record I don’t believe this ending for one second. We see only what Loch wants us to see so the next book better be about how she pulled this off.

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