The Fruitcake by Caren Rich


The Fruitcake by Caren Rich

TFcoverBook description: A humorous short story about the dreaded holiday classic. Retirement’s not what Robert expected. His wife feeds him twigs and is afraid of mailbox bombs. If that’s not enough a fruitcake shows up on his doorstep. Fruitcakes may be a Southern tradition, but it’s one Robert can do without. Find out how he deals with the holiday classic.


My Review: I’m not sure that I have the words. This story was really short and really funny. The main character Robert is facing his retirement head on by living the same day over and over again.  That is until fruitcakes start appearing. Robert’s grandson Seth gives him some much needed perspective in the form of little boy logic. What happens next will make you laugh hard and out loud so I suggest reading alone. Unless of course you want to startle your co-workers in the break room. Then you could pass this fun story around and talk about it.

For me, this story was about Robert and Seth having some fruitcake fun and learning a little about life in the process. Robert and Seth made a great team and I would love to read about more adventures. It was fun to see a grandfather and grandson play off of each other. There are not enough books that do that. (If there are some out there then let me know.)

I read this story in ten minutes and rushed to tell Jessica that she needed to read this one. It’s fun and for everyone. I’m glad I found it. You’ll be happy you read it too.

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Suitable for all ages and so much fun.



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