Deadly Sins A Dezeray Jackson Mini Series by Kori Miller

Deadly Sins coverDeadly Sins A Dezeray Jackson Mini Series

by Kori Miller

Book Summary:

Private investigator Dezeray Jackson hates Florida; she hated it 24 hours after she arrived 5 years ago. Not for any particular reason, really, just a whole lot of little ones — bugs, alligators, snakes, and rude, obnoxious people. Dez thinks a break is in order, then she gets the Millicent James case. All she has to do is follow Millicent’s gamer grandson for a month, which could be as exciting as waiting for water to boil, Dez thinks. But a boring, routine assignment suddenly takes some interesting twists when a much-anticipated pre-release game disappears. It’s a hot commodity that could make somebody millions of dollars. But who?

After two years in the Big Apple, Dez is fed up with cheating spouses and embezzling employees. Convinced that she needs a change, Dez tells her boss that she’s ready to move on. He gives her a farewell gift — one last case, involving a missing artifact. Dez and her partner hit the streets, and soon learn that the missing artifact is something more. To recover it, Dez will enter a world that few know about. Dez thought she’d seen it all … she hadn’t.

When Dez left New York, she didn’t think she’’d end up back in Omaha, NE, her home town. But here she is three months later. After stints in Florida and the Big Apple, Omaha was an unexpected, but welcome change. But the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. One evening, after hearing Dez speak to her female self-defense class, a student is killed in a hit-and-run. Dez gets the case, which leads to an unpleasant stroll down memory lane, with a character she’d rather forget, and involvement with some deadly corporate shenanigans.

Eccentric Mayville Toussaint hires Dez to find two men who stole a box from her. Toussaint’s instructions are simple — find the thieves, recover the box, and return it unopened. A dangerous game of cat and mouse, double-dealing and lying place Dez in harm’s way. Dez recovers the box — case closed. But when returning the treasured item, Dez learns that Toussaint has been playing her own game of cat and mouse … with Dez. Toussaint clearly is not who she seems. But who is she?

My Review:

Deadly Sins is written in a different style then I am used to.  It reads a little bit more like a screen play and I will admit that at first I was a little distracted by it.  But then I got into the flow.  I mean part of the title of the book is A mini series.  Each Scene comes to it’s conclusion and then you are on to the next.  In other words we are getting little snippets of Dezeray’s life at a time.

Dezeray is a private investigator who is obviously good at her job. She has quick wit, smarts and a little spunk.  She gets the big private cases where people usually don’t want to involve the police and turns them over quick.  In her journey she deals with some pretty interesting people.  Story number two was particularly interesting.  Then there was Mayville Toussaint.  Now that is a story I would love to hear more about.  The mystery and illusions in this one keep you guessing.

When Lynn first asked me if I would take a look at this story I will admit I thought what did she get me into?  This is a little strange.  But trust me just go with the flow and be in the mind set that this is flash fiction. The author has a way of, in a short amount of time, sucking you into this world.  And just enjoy what she has created. Jessica signature











About the Author:

Kori1_12_15_2011_crop-300x236Kori Miller’s previous creative non-fiction and short stories have been published in Fine Lines
Literary Journal. She launched Back Porch Writer: The show for writers, about writers, and writing in
March 2013. In late May/early June 2013, the show received featured status on Blog Talk Radio. In
June 2013, Ms. Miller was awarded first prize in a Flash Fiction World contest. In early July, Dear
Teen Me posted her letter to her teen self. And, July 31, Stand Out Books posted an interview about
her self-publishing experience. She edits Kori Miller Writes: The site for creative writers and newbie

Author Website:
Author Twitter: @kmillerwrites
Author Facebook: Kori D Miller
Author Google+: Kori Miller


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