Red Of The Woods by Lana Axe

Red Of The Woods by Lana Axe



Book Description: An evil heart thirsts for vengeance in this dark version of Little Red Riding Hood.

Accused of witchcraft, Erthel and her granddaughter, Red, are forced into exile. Taking refuge in the woods, the old woman plots her revenge. Calling on the dark magic she abandoned years ago, she places a curse on the young girl—one that will punish the townspeople for sending her away.



My Review: This is a very clever tale that reinvents Little Red Riding Hood. It also makes granny a real character with a dark past. I’ve never thought granny ever got her due in the story we have all come to know and love. Lana Axe fixed that for me.

It raises some interesting questions about the evil witches in fairy tales. What if an evil witch chose to have a family instead of spreading evil and decided to put her dark past behind her? What if she successfully integrated herself into society?

Red is a great character. She is strong and completely devoted to her grandmother who is old and can’t do the things she used to do. Red has it tough in this tale. Oh, and Red isn’t named Red in this story for the popular reason. In this tale the cloak starts out white. You won’t believe how the cloak becomes red.

If you enjoyed The Woodcutter by Kate Danley then you will love this story as well. It isn’t quite as on the nose as the The Woodcutter, after all they knew they were in a fairy tale, but it has the same grace and ease of story telling.

nature2halloween14It would be fun at any time of year but this story is to good not to read right now. It’s perfect for Halloween. So go and get it, there is even a direct link to Amazon on the author’s site. While you’re at her site take a moment to look at all of her book covers that are displayed. She has amazing covers. They are beautiful and elegant- and almost everyone has a weapon in their hand. What’s better than that especially at this time of year?


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Not a story for small children. Violence



Try these:






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