Monster Mash: A short story (Halloween Street) by L.M. Pfalz




HalloweenStreet06Monster Mash: A Short Story (Halloween Street book 6)

by L.M. Pfalz

Book Summary: 

A Halloween party turns frighteningly real as the party guests transform into monsters.

A short story, approximately 4000 words/15 pages long.

About The Halloween Street Series:
Halloween Street is a series of 31 short stories taking place during the same Halloween night in the fictional town of Hollowell. Although the stories stand alone and may be read in any order, there are subtle ways they intertwine which you will notice if you read the series in order.

A new short story will be released everyday in October (2014) as part of the L.M. Pfalz’s 31 Days of Halloween project

My Review:

The Monster Mash is one of my favorite Halloween songs, so how could I not read this short story. As our hosts prepare for their Halloween party they discover their new radio isn’t working.  Suddenly there is a knock at the door and a mysterious DJ has appeared. But who hired him and are his intentions honorable?

What unfolds is a Halloween party like no other. Cassandra is our main Character and host for the evening. She throws this Halloween party every year and it’s know for it’s music and fun.  Because of the few snags she has hit in the set up of the party when her guests start to arrive she hasn’t finished her costume.

As the party begins the atmosphere is anything but fun.  Our DJ has chosen slow classical music and the guests seem board.  I mean lets face it we go to parties to dance, drink and have fun. When Cassandra asks the DJ to please play something that everyone can dance to our fun begins.  This is a quirky cute tale that is perfect for Halloween.Jessica signature

Don’t forget to watch our Monster Mash Video at the bottom!





Cute classic Halloween Tale






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