Grave Danger by Heather Graham




Grave Danger

by Heather Graham

Book Summary: 

or special-effects artist Ali MacGregor, it can be hard to tell fantasy from reality. Especially when her coworker Victor leaves her alone in the studio one night, surrounded by scary creations—zombies, werewolves and mangled corpses. And then she hears footsteps…. Footsteps that shouldn’t be there.

Nearby, Ali’s ex, cop Greg Austin, is called to the graveyard set of a horror movie after a real corpse appears. But the dead man isn’t who his ID says he is. And Victor isn’t who he seems to be, either. Greg quickly realizes that Ali, the woman he’s never stopped loving, is in grave danger….

My Review:

This short story is action packed right from the beginning and don’t forget the romance.  The setting is creepy, I mean a special effects studio where they are working on zombies with a fake grave yard just behind a real grave yard and it’s the middle of the night, who wouldn’t think it was creepy.

This is the kind of short story that when you read it you want so much more.  It draws you in and wets your appetite. You have strong characters with a past, you have a good story and it keeps you interested. Murder, horror, suspense, and love.  What a combination.  It’s a free read so if you haven’t read anything by Heather Graham it’s a good way to check out her work.

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