Labor Day

Happy Labor Day- Happy Reading

3D Love Puzzle_size








Labor Day has made us think of the division of labor between main characters and sidekicks.  Main characters are always more exciting when they are willing to share the weight of the world.  A good sidekick is more than just someone to deliver the punch line.  A good sidekick, like a good heroine/hero, is a good partner.  Some of our favorite partners are:

Stephanie Plum and Lula- The Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich

Captain Michaels and The Gunship crew- Gunship by John M. Davis

Irene Adler and Sherlock Holmes- Locked by Eva Morgan

Romulus Buckle and the entire crew of the Pneumatic Zeppelin- The Chronicles of The Pneumatic Zeppelin by Richard Ellis Preston Jr. 

Who are some of your favorite partnerships?




Background image: Grunge Flag by ba1969 (Billy Alexander) from


3D Love Puzzle by Vjeran Lisjak (Vjeran2001) from

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