Claimed by Lindsay Buroker

Claimed by Lindsay Buroker

claimedcoverBook Description:  After years on the hunt, Cedar Kartes is finally within striking distance of Cudgel Conrad, the criminal who slew his brother and framed him for murder. With the help of Kali McAlister, his business partner and the woman he’s mustering the courage to court, he believes he can finally rid the world of a bloodthirsty felon.

But nothing is ever easy in the Yukon. The new police commissioner has taken an interest in Cedar’s checkered past, a suspicious newspaperman is trying to make friends with Kali, and Cudgel may be laying traps for Cedar even as Cedar is trying to trap him.


My Review:   This story is just as great as all the others in the Flash Gold Chronicles.  My favorite thing about this one though is that Cedar, big Katana wielding Cedar, is jealous.   The story starts out with Cedar being jealous of a newspaper man.  Can you believe it?   It ends with Kali exasperated with Cedar.  That’s not new but you’ll be happy with the out come.  I was.  It was completely Kali and Cedar.

I love that these stories are a ruckus adventure.  They are funny and fun.  Does Cedar get his man?  You’ll have to read the story for yourself to find out.

I’m so sad that the next one is the last one.   At least we can be sure of a happy ending.   This one has a happy ending too in case you are curious.  Okay, it’s a complicated happy ending but aren’t they all?

temp (8)







PicsArt_1375992730999PG -As usual there is a little bit of death.  Cedar is in them what do you expect.






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