Fallen On Good Times by Rewan Tremethick

Fallen On Good Times by Rewan Tremethick


Book Description:  Fairy tales are warnings.  Legend is history.  Monsters are real.

America, 1920. The city of Pilgrim’s Wane. The people on the street can be dangerous, the ones in the shadows even more so. Private Detective Laslo Kane is giving up. But then a brutal murder drives a terrified investor to offer Laslo a life-changing sum of money to solve the case.


The fee could set Laslo up for the rest of his life, assuming he still has one when he’s finished going up against the most dangerous crime family in the city.
Can Laslo survive and claim his fee, or will earning a living be the death of him?

My Review:

Let me just come out and say that this book will be included on my list of best book that I’ve read this year.   It’s extremely well written and charming.

I puzzled over where to place Laslo Kane in my vast library of private detective knowledge.  I was torn at first between Sam Spade and Harry Dresden.   Then a most miraculous thing happened about half way through the book.  I realized that Laslo Kane was his own private detective.  He doesn’t remain tortured at the end of this book the way so many other characters do.   He isn’t in the same place at the end of this book as he is when we first meet him.  Literally and figuratively,  since he’s sort of homeless, but he knows who his friends are and that’s important too.

The book is told in first person and Laslo has a unique outlook.  He also uses the slang of the time which also makes him charming.  The other great thing about Laslo is that he’s a normal sort of guy with normal ambitions.  I really liked that.

One of my favorite scenes in this book is when Laslo goes to meet-let’s call her a potential witness.  Everyone has, at one time or another, been in a persons house who have managed to match the furniture, carpet, drapes and walls.  We’ve all been there.  Laslo comments that the room looked empty to him and he had to find a chair by touch.  It was very funny.  The witness was also pointing a gun at him the whole time so that added to the funny.

Another scene that I’ll never forget is Misty Joe sitting with his candle.  There was something supremely sad about Misty Joe sitting with a candle in front of him and Laslo explaining about ghosts earthly remains.  That right there was worth the price of admission.

Mr. Tremethick was kind enough to send me a copy of his book to review.  I liked it so much that I bought one to support the book.  I’m glad he found us because it would have been a shame if I had missed this book.

Fallen On Good Times is impressive and elegant.  The story is told with ease and an addictive natural flow.  Laslo Kane may very well be my new favorite private detective.

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PicsArt_1375992730999PG-13 Some violence and things exploding.






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