The Cistern Mission by Michael Dadich

The Cistern Mission by Michael Dadich

TCMBook Description:

Captain Rostand knows the importance of his undercover mission. The families of Azimuth’s proud officers have just been slaughtered as a statement by the evil dictator Hideux. But how did Hideux know where Azimuth’s forces were hidden? How could his Nightlander army be one step ahead of the powerful Azimuth Alliance at every turn?

The hard truths he discovers on his quest for justice may mark the incendiary beginning of the war of all wars. Will Azimuth survive the great onslaught?


My Review:  This story was really short and really fun.  You know the story is going to be good when the bad guys have pet monsters called Disembowlers.  In case you had any doubt, they do exactly what the name suggests.

The story starts out with a man breaking in to a military compound and a woman is breaking out of prison.  They meet in the middle and have an intense adventure.  It was great.  I loved it.

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