A White so Red by K.D. Jones

White_Red_Sml.1A White so Red 

by K.D. Jones

Book Blurb: 

Take back what is yours.

Seventeen-year-old Snow’s life changed forever the night her stepmother, the Queen, sent her huntsman to cut out her heart. Fleeing for her life, Snow runs to the Silver Forest, a place as dangerous as it is enchanting, and begins an adventure she could never have dreamed.

With no one at her side but a rowdy band of carnivorous dwarves and an arrogant, rogue prince who’s too handsome for his own good, Snow must confront the challenge that’s been laid before her: Kill the Queen, and take back the kingdom that should have been hers.

But if she is to succeed, Snow will have to tap into a powerful, ancient form of magic, one that may have been sleeping inside her all along.

My Review:

This is a much darker take on a classic fairy tale.  Natalia and Rose have been enslaved after there father’s death and Octavia has assumed the throw.  The first time we meet Natalia she is in front of the Queen protecting Rose and gets her hand smashed to pieces.  Did I mention it was a darker tale.

The Huntsman is eventually sent to kill her and she gets away threw a magic mirror.  Now in the silver forest she must figure out how to survive and who she can trust.  You learn that in there world only the charmed ones have magic and Natalia who used to be charmed doesn’t believe she has any.  Until the spell that was cast upon her for protection until her 18th year is gone.  Now she must learn to harness her powers and defeat the Queen to restore her land to it’s former glory.

The dwarfs in this retelling are very imaginative along with pretty much everything else.  They skin humans, are mean and snarky and generally dislike everyone. They form a complicated bond with Natalia, who they know as “Snow”.  The story is creatively written and the characters are strong.  It is a very good retelling of Snow White and you liked the original fairy tale I believe you will enjoy this book. Jessica


PicsArt_1375992687897PG-13 there is lots of death




About the Author:

Krystle Jones was born and raised in the small, southern town of Tullahoma, Tennessee. Reading and writing have been lifelong passions of hers. In addition to being a novelist, she is also an award-winning flutist, and moonlights as a voice actress. Her voice can be heard in the popular online game, Alice is Dead 3.



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