Chained by SK Fordham


by SK Fordham

Book Blurb: 

Stella is a recently widowed 34 year old mother of two; she struggles to move forward in her life, until she meets the sexy Doctor Dean. Sexual desire brings Stella back to the present, but will Dean be able to capture Stella’s heart and keep her? Or will Stella remain chained to the past? Stella is going to have the ride of her life, chance encounters may just have you trying to guess, where she is heading and who is trying to stop her.

My Review:

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Okay so lets get right to the point.  This book is steamy.  I personally have some issues with Stella and the three men she has slept with in the past year since her husband, the love of her life, was murdered.  I guess everyone deals with death in there own way though.

We get to know about Stella’s husband threw flash backs. He treated Stella wonderfully and together they had two children.  Stella still has issues with her husbands death and sees a therapist.

Now in walks Doctor Dean and this is where the fun begins. Someone doesn’t want them seeing each other.  Stella gets a death threat, her therapy office gets taken over, and her dog gets “hit by a car”.  There is a good story line, and though I don’t necessary agree with Stella choices.  She is a good person who is just trying to start over.

If you like sex and romance this is a good one since it has a pretty good story line.  I do warn you though this is the first book and it ends just as things get a little crazy. Jessica



PicsArt_1375992631838R- I believe I mentioned it was steamy




About the Author:

140d4dc086b00a90048497.L._V338869678_SY470_SK Fordham is a wife, mother and nurse. SK grew up in an outer eastern suburb of Melbourne Australia. SK loves handbags, chocolate, dancing and all forms of hot drinks.
SK would love to hear from any fans.




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