Vanities by Gail Z. Martin

Vanities ( A Deadly Curiosities Adventure) by Gail Z. Martin

17315594This was amazing.  The first full novel in the Deadly Cruiosities series comes out June 25th.  I can’t wait.  Until then I’ll be content reading the short stories.

Book Description:

Jewel thief and newly-turned vampire Sorren sets out to steal a priceless brooch possessed by an ancient evil before it sets the Black Dragon loose in medieval Antwerp. 

This series of adventures spans over 500 years, from the 1500s to modern day as a small cabal of vampires and their human helpers battle supernatural enemies to find and destroy dangerous magical items and keep the world safe from dark forces.


Book Review:

If this first story is any indication of what this series is like I can’t wait to read them all.  The story is told from Sorren’s point of view about a hundred years after he’s turned into a vampire.  He sees Antwerp for the first time under slightly false pretenses.  Alard, his maker, told him that they were going to Antwerp for a job that would be “big, dangerous, and worth it.”  As Sorren tells the story, I got the impression that he thought it was going to be a chance to use his skills as a thief.  He had no idea what he was getting into and what it would cost him.

This story is imaginative and vivid.  I could practically feel the locks fall open as Sorren picked them.  I also loved the characteristics that the vampires have.  When was the last time you read a book about vampires that could fly?  It has been a while for me.  The hero of our story can’t fly yet but he can float and the author uses that to the story’s advantage.

Even if you don’t like vampires (by the way we can never be friends) you will like this story.  It also has a very scary black misty demon that resides inside the brooch Sorren needs to steal.  He is completely evil(the evil spirit not Sorren).  That’s one of the things that I like about the books that I’ve read by this author.  The bad guys are bad.  They don’t have redeeming qualities.  They are not interesting because of the reasons in that Jaguar Superbowl commercial.  They are interesting because they are evil and are capable of anything.  Good old fashioned bad guys.  Gail Z. Martin’s hero’s may be rough around the edges but they are dazzling at their core.

I recommend this short story to everyone!

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PicsArt_1375992730999PG-13 Due to violence.







Original background image: Antwerp, Belgium, Old Street by Lode Van de Velde from 

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