Lexi Fairheart and the Forbidden Door



Lexi Fairheart & the Forbidden Door

by Lisl Fair

Illustrated by Nina de Polonia






Meet Lexi Fairheart and follow her quest to discover what is hidden behind the forbidden door at her grandpa’s house.

Viola’s Review:

Lexi should have listened to her Grandpa.  She shouldn’t have opened the door.  Lexi could have been hurt.  I was scared when she was in the dark.  The spider could have gotten her!temp (7)

Grandpa was nice to her.  He made her boo boo better.


Jessica’s Review:

This was a cute story with a couple of lesson. The lessons are about listening, making the right choices and forgiveness. When Lexi makes the wrong choice her Grandfather finds her and explains why it was the wrong decision along with forgiving her. Viola really likes this book and it has become one she likes to read on most nights.

temp (4)






G – Perfect children’s book for ages 3-6


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