Cinder and Cinder X by Jessica Sorensen

Cinder and Cinder X  by Jessica Sorensen

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Lynn’s Review

The second story in the Death Collectors series is all about Ember trying to make sense of the world around her because the town she lives in has gone crazy.  It has gone crazy because the leader of the Reapers has moved in and set up shop.  He starts possessing everyone in town.  Creepy.  Ember, mostly, does the right thing and stays away from Cameron ;who I did not like in this book.  He plays dirty and puts Ember in some bad situations (for her own good of course).  We also see the return of Asher who come back with some pretty big secrets.

Let’s start with the giant pink elephant in the room.  A human being did not proofread this book.   There isn’t a single misspelled word but there are plenty of sentences that don’t make any sense.  There were plenty of words missing.  It’s still a great second story in a wonderful series but be warned.  That kind of thing puts people off if they don’t know it’s coming.  Don’t let that stop you from reading it though.

Ember:  Poor, poor Ember.  She can’t trust anyone or anything.  Everyone is possessed and working for the leader of the Reapers.  She spends the first half of the book totally alone with only Cameron for company.  It’s worse than it sounds because Cameron tricks her at the very beginning of the book and she doesn’t know what he’s done until the middle.  Her family is also falling apart.  She finds out some things about her brother that make his story even more tragic than it already was.  Her mother vanishes and Ember has no idea where to find her.  I think it says a lot about Ember that she wants to keep her family together.  Her mother hates what she is but Ember still loves her.  It would be terrifying for a girl her age to be so isolated and alone.  Even a mother who hates you would be better than no one at all.

Cameron:  He spends three quarters of this book acting like the Reaper he is.  I described him as a little boy with a magnifying glass burning an ant hill in the last book.  In this one he’s toying with Ember, just shy of doing her physical harm, because she won’t give up on Asher and give in to him.  He really acts like he expects her to give into her Reaper blood.  He isn’t redeemed, at least for me, until the last two chapters.  That’s when he finally starts acting like he really cares for Ember and she isn’t just a project that he was assigned by his family.

Asher:  He comes back a mess of emotions and secrets.  His relationship with Cameron is just as complicated as I feared.  If you read the first book you probably realized what happened between them long ago.  Now we get to actually see it play out.  Asher returns struggling between right and wrong just as in the last book.  How much of the truth he’s told Ember is anyone’s guess.  How can two boys be so different and so much alike?  They have the market cornered on omission.

Overall I think this is a solid second book in the series.  War is coming and a war between the Angel’s of Death and Reapers can only be interesting.  I can’t wait.

PicsArt_1375992687897PG-13  There is some violence.  Ember kills someone.  A human someone.

You can’t read this book if you haven’t read Ember.ember

Cinder X

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Jessica’s Review:

Initially I wasn’t planning on reading this, but when we realized that there was a Cinder X just like an Ember X, Lynn and I decided another dual review was in order.  I picked it up on Wednesday morning and by Thursday afternoon I was done.  It was a very good follow up to Ember X. Except for the grammatical errors.  I am disappointed in the fact that it doesn’t feel like this book was proof read.

Ember is plagued by loneliness in the beginning.  Asher has been sent away for punishment and Cameron hasn’t been around.  Her mother is in a mental hospital and her brother has disappeared after her discovery of him painting Amanda every night and then being with Raven. Not surprisingly Cameron is the first to re-arrive on the scene.

I have to admit I am torn between these characters.  I realize that Asher is supposed to symbolize good and Cameron is supposed to symbolize evil, but neither one of them have been completely honest with Ember and in their own ways are both trying to protect her. Normally I am all for the good guy and not choosing the good guy this time could mean terrible things for the human race, but I am not completely sold on Asher.

Asher finally reappears a little more than half way thru the book and there have been some major changes with him. I wonder if this is going to affect things more in the future then it did in this book. He finally answers some of Ember’s questions, but again doesn’t tell her everything. I find this highly annoying, but I guess it’s all in your perspective.

We are coming closer to the last Grim Angel standing (by the end we are finally here) and the final war between the Reapers and the Angels of Death.  I am looking forward to the conclusion of this series.  It was a good second book and some questions have been answered while others are still out there.

As for the differences between Cinder and Cinder X, well things are a lot steamer in Cinder X.  As Lynn and I have discussed at length there is a huge difference between 16 or 17 years old and 19 and your life perspective. I know I definitely didn’t look at things the same at 19 that I did at 16 or 17 and while neither one of us read the other’s book the tone would have to be different considering the age.

PicsArt_1375992687897Rating R: Ember and Asher spend a steamy night together when he returns.

You can’t read this one until you’ve read Ember X



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