The Devil Eats Here

The Devil Eats Here (Multi-Author Short Story Collection)

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This collection of short stories reads just as advertised.  Here is the book description:

“Each of the nine authors in this book presents a different approach to storytelling, a different writing style, and a different interpretation of the theme. Some of the stories are very short, others are long. In some tales, the devil is a literal figure, in others a metaphorical one, and in several he is something else altogether.

1. The Sacrifice by April Grey
Be careful what you pray for.

2. The Angel and the Jungle God by Siewleng Torossian
Ali’s special day has arrived.

3. The Best of all Possible Worlds by Tara Maya
Personal Paradise Inc. caters for a special clientele.

4. Round and Round the Garden by Jonathan Broughton
Children will listen.

5. Mean Dick Skyler by John Blackport
Is this deal as sweet as it first appears?

6. The Devil, You Say by Alice Gaines
Was he the devil, or an angel in disguise?

7. Devil Take It by Douglas Kolacki
Being blind and getting jerked around by the bus lines was bad enough. But now…

8. Rejection Letter by John Hoddy
An editor gets some of his own.

9. The Devil Eats Here by Rayne Hall
Join the prince of hell for lunch at your local diner. ”

These stories are really short.  Alright some of them are really short.  Some of them are a little longer.  You could read a couple of them at lunch.  They are complex stories that are completely disturbing.  I mean that in a good way.  They were unexpected.  I have to say that the first one stayed with me.  It was crazy and the end defies description.

My favorite though was The Best Of All Possible Worlds by Tara Maya.  It was like it was written especially for me.  It was science fiction and alternate history all rolled up into a great big ball of awesome.  There was a twist in the ending (by now everyone knows I like to be surprised by an ending) and the main character got exactly what was coming to him.  It was great.

They were all interesting and I enjoyed them.  I had originally decided to ration this collection but I changed my mind.  Once you start reading you’ll keep reading.  You won’t need me to tell you about them.

These are so short that I can’t talk about them individually without spoiling the endings.  I promise you they are worth the time spent on them.  The payoff at the end of each one is worth it.


R  These are mature themes that an adult should consider before giving to anyone under sixteen.

If you want something that I would rate PG-13 try one of my favorite anthologies; Sympathy for the Devil edited by Tim Pratt.  It has a lot of famous authors in it including Holly Black (one of my personal favorites) who contributed “Reversal of Fortune”.  The story is fun and the main character is a very smart girl who outwits the Devil.  Sympathy for the Devil is worth the heavy e-book price tag but you should just buy the book for your library.  You’ll want it for your shelf.


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