Alice in Wonderland A Novel

Alice in WonderlandAlice in Wonderland

by Elle Lothlorien



When high school math teacher Alice Faye Dahl attends a Texas Hold’Em home poker tournament, she doesn’t know a royal flush from a toilet flush. Four months and dozens of “wins” later, she’s one of the Final Nine–the championship table at the International Poker Tour in Surfer’s Paradise, Australia–and way out of her depth. When a fluke shark attack throws her and sports reporter Lapin “Rabbit” Montgomery together, it seems to challenge the saying “lucky at cards, unlucky at love.” A veteran of the poker circuit (and gorgeous besides), Rabbit offers to help her go all the way to win the multi-million dollar prize, a deal she can’t refuse. In this modern-day twist on Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” Alice discovers much too late that when it comes to poker (and love), sometimes you win, sometimes you lose–and sometimes it’s both.

Australia, love, card sharks, belly-aching laughs, real sharks, poker, Wonderland, and a touch of intrigue–there’s just no telling what you’ll find down the rabbit hole…

My Review: 

This is another wonderful book by Elle.  I love how she takes a classic fairy tale and turns it into something so uniquely hers.

I was hooked right from the beginning.  “I have a totally unhealthy and unrealistic fear of being eaten by a great white shark.  This is because I belong to a very specific demographic called American Child Whose Parents Made the Ill-Advised Decision To Allow Her To Watch the Movie Jaws At a Sleepover During Her Formative Years.”  I mean how can you not love that!

The characters are strong.  Alice and Lapin (Rabbit) are a perfect match.  I do wish he had been a little more honest with her from the beginning, but then were would the story be.  Then there is the Queen of Hearts.  I mean this woman is everything you think of when you think mean and vengeful.

As this complicated story of twists and turns unfolds you can’t help but love this story.  Everything happens for a reason and there is a purpose behind it all.  This is a great read and an wonderful way to start off the New Year!

“Silly Rabbit Tricks are for Kids”

PicsArt_1375992687897PG Nothing over the top good clean fun.

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