The Palace Job by Patrick Weekes

The Palace Job by Patrick Weekes


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I was in desperate need of something fun to read.  The books that I’ve been reading lately have had serious, the world is in peril, plots.  If I remember correctly this book was a Kindle deal of the day.  I remember seeing it and thinking that it looked fun.  I love book covers.  You’ve probably guessed that by now.

I was right, by the way, it was fun.  It was a rousing tower heist with a diverse cast of characters.  There is a shapeshifting unicorn, a death priestess with a war hammer, a couple of former soldiers and a safecracker among others.  When I say tower heist I actually mean a floating city with palaces on it.  It’s called Heaven’s Spire.  Loch and her band of thieves want to steal a manuscript from the man that killed Loch’s family and left her behind enemy lines to die during the war.  The manuscript is worth a lot of money to the elves and Loch’s thieves want to cash in.  Most of them are there for the money.  I say most because the death priestess is there to fulfill the will of the gods.

This story was funny and sad and scary but my favorite part was the puppets.  Everyone gets the news by watching puppet shows.  There are griffons and dragons and a manticore.  They have a debate about the news story and say all kinds of things that a newscaster would never be able to say.  All of that accompanied by candy being tossed to the crowd and little bits of magic for special effects.  It had my attention.  They end every show with: “Remember, everyone, it’s your republic.  Stay informed!”  I loved it.  If our news was presented in such a fashion I would watch it instead of reading it online.

My only word of caution for this book is to pay attention.  The names are heavy.  The war hammer is called Ghylspwr.  I have no idea how you pronounce that.  The shape shifting unicorn is named Ululenia.  Again, I don’t have a clue.  It wasn’t distracting though.  I read enough fantasy that I don’t get hung up on it anymore.  There are few gods in the fantasy genre that I’m able to pronounce.  I even think it’s more fun that way.

I really hope Patrick Weekes writes more books.  I don’t know anything about gaming so his genius there is lost on me there but I can tell you that this was a great book and I wish I would have read it sooner.  I also had a really hard time putting it down.  It was entertaining and charming.  It belongs on the top ten list of best books that I read this year.

PicsArt_1375992730999PG-13 Kail insinuates that he has slept with a lot of men’s mothers.  The shape shifting unicorn, who’s name I still can’t pronounce, has a thing for male virgins.  There is also a satyr… you have to read it to believe it but it’s funny.





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