Closed Hearts by Susan Kaye Quinn

closed heartsClosed Hearts

by Susan Kaye Quinn


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Eight months ago, Kira Moore revealed to the mindreading world that mindjackers like herself were hidden in their midst. Now she wonders if telling the truth was the right choice after all. As wild rumors spread, a powerful anti-jacker politician capitalizes on mindreaders’ fears and strips jackers of their rights. While some jackers flee to Jackertown–a slum rife with jackworkers who trade mind control favors for cash–Kira and her family hide from the readers who fear her and jackers who hate her. But when a jacker Clan member makes Kira’s boyfriend Raf collapse in her arms, Kira is forced to save the people she loves by facing the thing she fears most: FBI agent Kestrel and his experimental torture chamber for jackers.

My Review: 

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

I was really looking forward to reading the second book in the mind jacker trilogy.  As you know I really liked the first one and gave it a four star review.  Unfortunately this one left me a little disappointed. Kira the girl who broke the knowledge to the world of the Jacker’s existence, who should be the face of the Jacker revolution, is now an insecure girl again who is “out of practice” with her jacking.  Can someone explain to me how that is possible.  I mean at the beginning of the book she is working as a mind guard for a very important business man.  How would he feel if he learned that she was out of practice.

Her family has gone into hiding, but they have not gone far because she still sees Raf and of course Molloy finds her.  I actually found Kira weak and she was so strong at the end of Open Minds.  She is also somewhat naive.  Her father was a Navy Intelligence officer who worked for the government on undercover missions.  How can she not think he did things to other Jackers in the past. He thought he was doing the right thing.

Closed Hearts was slow going.  What should have taken me just a couple of days took me about two weeks to read. The action didn’t start picking up till I was a little more then halfway threw and even then it picked up only to slow down again.  The best part of the book was the end when Kira finally understood what she had to do.  I will read the third book.  The first one was very good and the last has to be better.  Come on Kira you have a back bone! Use it!!

PicsArt_1375992512306PG  It’s a good clean YA story.





Open Minds by Susan Kaye QuinnSee our review of Open Minds the first book in the MindJack Trilogy.


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