Soul Windows by Jaleta Clegg

Soul Windows by Jaleta Clegg


Barnes and Noble


What I love most about short stories is that they are usually so short that I get to fill in some of the information myself.  I feel like I’m contributing.  I like that feeling.

This story hints that it takes place in Victorian era India.  Of course it could just as easily take place in Victorian era Africa or the middle east.  Anywhere there were British citizens , a bazaar, Turkish coffee and no alcohol.  As I understand it, Turkish coffee is found in several parts of the world so that clue didn’t help.  The story starts out with a few men sitting around a table having a conversation about eyes being the windows to the soul.  When Blake and Jim are left alone at the table Blake tells Jim he bought a charm from a wizard at the bazaar.  The story is about what Jim finds when he goes looking into a soul.

This story discussed some interesting questions.  What do people carry around with them that no one knows about?  How dark are peoples souls?  Do we ever know people?  What would we find if we could see into each others souls?

I’m happy that I can’t see into someones soul.  Thinking of these hypothetical questions makes me realize that people are puzzles and the world is complex.  It would be terribly sad if we knew everything about everyone even if it would make things safer.

This story is a sad one but something to ponder.


PG-13  Jim looks into another’s soul.


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