Close to You by Stacia Kane

Close to youClose to You

Stacia Kane


Barnes and Noble


Churchwitch Chess Putnam has seen, and banished, her share of ghosts, but not of the Christmas Past variety–the holiday has been illegal since the Church of Real Truth defeated the undead and took control of the world in 1997. Yet when she and her boyfriend, Terrible, make a trip to an abandoned auto junkyard, they find more than the rusted auto parts and spare tires they’d bargained for. They also run across a creepy Miss Havisham-type hell-bent on reuniting with her long-dead husband just in time for Christmas–even if it means taking Chess and Terrible down with her into the City of Eternity…

If Chess and Terrible don’t manage to keep these ghosts in the past, they won’t have a future…

My Review:

I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest and fair review.

As most of you know we do Novella Thursday every week and it’s has become increasingly harder to find ones that aren’t purely sex.  So when I found this one on Net Galley I was excited.  I did not however realize that it was part of a series.  I have never read any of Stacia Kane’s book before, and it was a little hard for me to follow.  I had to read up on some of the earlier books to understand some of what I was reading.

As far as the story itself it was well written.  Nothing like trying to bring your dead husband back to life on Chirstmas. The old lady is a strong woman for her age and plays havoc with Chess and Terrible.  I can just image her using a dolly to move Terrible into the bedroom.   Chess is a strong  character and seems stronger with Terrible in her life. This is a very short story and for someone who is hoping for a thrilling adventure for this couple you may be disappointed.  It’s a quick glimpse into one aspect of the life of Chess and Terrible.

PicsArt_1375992631838PG-13  The content is not geared towards a younger crowd.

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