Hidden (A Bone Secrets Novel) by Kendra Elliot

Hidden (A Bone Secrets Novel) by Kendra Elliot


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Dr. Lacy Campbell is a forensic odontologist.  She helps identify remains when a body has been to badly damaged to be identified visually.  One cold and snowy day Lacy is called to a recovery scene to try to help the ME’s office identify bones that were found under a building.  She begins to examine the teeth and it isn’t long before she realizes that the bones belong to a friend that was abducted while they were in college.  The man responsible for the abduction was found, convicted, and sent to prison where he later died.  He never told anyone what happened to Suzanne.

Like everyone else I’ve read my share of predictable romantic thrillers.  I wouldn’t even classify this as romantic.  This is a thriller.  It is an edge of your seat thrill fest.  I couldn’t look away from the pages.

For the most part Lacy is pretty smart.  We know she’s intellectually smart, she’s a forensic odontologist, and they don’t hand those out in cereal boxes.  What I mean that she doesn’t go around doing dumb things that reinforce preconceived notions of what women would do without a big strong man around.  I detest when authors take the easy way out and make women dumb.  Kendra Elliot doesn’t do that.  She equips Lacy with a sensible spine and drive.

There are portions of the book that focus on the serial killer that is killing people who are associated with the case from eleven years ago.  The passages from the killers point of view are really creepy.  Stomach churning at some points but I had to know so I kept reading.

The ending was satisfying.  Yes, Lacy and Jack end up together but after the explosive ending you can see why.   Jack pulled his weight and wasn’t over the top.  And let me tell you, that character could easily have been over the top.  The final chapter of the book ties up the loose ends nicely and all of my questions were answered.  Hidden is just one book in the Bone Secrets series.  The other books are about supporting characters in Hidden.

PicsArt_1375992687897R  Serial. Killer.  Okay, there are other reasons too.  Language, violence, intimate acts.

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