Cursed (Voodoo Nights) by Lizzy Ford

Cursed       Book 1. Voodoo Nights

By Lizzy Ford

Cursed (Voodoo Nights)Amazon


This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

This book was great.  If someone doesn’t make this into a movie it will be a miscarriage of justice.  It blended elements of religion, racism, and class to create a balanced story.

There wasn’t a vampire anywhere and still I read with ravenous delight.  There may not have been any vampires but there was a different take on zombies and I’m all for that.

I wanted this book to last forever and it just may since it’s part of a series.  It has strong characters as well.  There isn’t a cliché among them.  They are all complex and complete from the seventeen year old main characters all the way through to the mambos (healers).

Jayden is a golden boy.  An all American football playing, good grades getting, takes care of his recovering addict mother, good guy.  He wants to spend his senior year thinking about football and college.  He also wants to dodge his ex-girlfriend Kimmie if he can.  She’s a piece of work by the way.  She’s completely crazy and goes to a bokor, a person that sells black magic to anyone who can pay, to put a love spell on Jayden.   This eventually messes things up because Jayden likes Adrienne.

Adrienne is new to New Orleans and only going to the same fancy school Jayden goes to because of a music scholarship.  Adrienne’s family is really poor but she can sing.  The fancy school has a fancy vocal coach and Adrienne is pinning all of her hopes and dreams on being a successful singer one day.  She sings in church every Sunday even gaining an admirer in Rene.  Rene is my favorite character.  He is stuck in the middle of an impossible situation.  Adrienne’s sister was killed five years before Adrienne goes to live with her dad in New Orleans.  From the day she arrives to live with her father, in the same room Therese lived in, she begins receiving notes.  She doesn’t know who they’re coming from or why.  All she knows is that she needs to solve her sister’s murder.  It feels impossible to her until she get a package in the mail that contains Therese’s diary.  She learns that her sister was being targeted by the Red Man.  There is also the small matter of the curse, the very same curse that is on Jayden’s family.  The first born in the family always dies.  Adrienne thought she was safe until the mark appears on her shoulder.  All of that is why she needs Rene’s protection.

To further complicate matters Jax, Rene’s brother, is the leader of a Voodoo street gang (the same one Rene is in).  Jax was in love with Therese and he’s been making a gigantic mess since she died.  Rene finds out what his brother has been up to and has to decide how to handle things.  That’s why he’s my favorite.  He’s stuck between doing the right thing.  The thing that everyone else in the Voodoo community knows is right and loyalty to his brother and his family.  He’s also a bit of curmudgeon and who can resist that?

It all comes to a head when Adrienne finally discovers the truth and has to make a really hard choice that isn’t much of a choice at all.  Does she sacrifice herself and countless others or does she stand and fight the people that lied to her, people that she really cares about?

I was surprised by how much a liked this book.  It isn’t my usual fare.  I can tell that this is going to be one of those series that I mark on my calendar so that I can stare down the days until the next one.

The use of Voodoo wasn’t suffocating.  I never felt lost when things were being explained.  I don’t have any knowledge of real world Voodoo so I don’t know how the Voodoo in the book stacks up.  I can say that I didn’t have to suspend my disbelief to the extreme.  This is a well rounded book with enough nooks and crannies to keep you reading late into the night like I did.  Cursed comes out February 9th 2014.


PG-13  Hello. Zombies. How do you think they got that way?

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