Cat Calls and Haunted Love by Cynthia Leitich Smith

Cat Calls by Cynthia Leitich Smith


Barnes and Noble

Tiffany is about to follow in her Granny Z’s footsteps and take over the fortunetelling tent at the carnival.  It’s just for one night.  What could happen?

This story is set against the backdrop of a carnival and it does a great job expressing that.  You can practically smell the fried food in the air.  It’s the perfect short story to read in the fall.

Tiffany wrestles with what to tell people when they come into the tent.  She sees them as marks.  I always find it interesting to read about how characters observe others.  Tiffany sees into them like Sherlock Holmes.  The only difference being that she is completely wrong about her first marks.

She’s also wrong about seeing people as marks.  I won’t give away the fun part.  It has to do with her crystal ball.

When Trevor walks into her she knows something is different about him.  When she looks into her crystal ball she sees a monster chasing him.  He is her last client of the day because she runs off to save him from the monster.  I haven’t even given away the end.

This story painted pictures and had a little twist at the end for good measure.  It is a true short story and fun to read.  It will make you feel like you’ve been to a carnival.

PicsArt_1375992687897PG  Some of the guys indulge in gross male behavior thus the title.  Okay the title is perfect for a variety of reasons.





Haunted Love by Cynthia Leitich Smith


Barnes and Noble

Cody finally has his life under control.  He graduated high school.  His abusive uncle has departed this world by Cody’s own hand and he just put a down payment on the Old Love theater.  The theater that his mother always admired even though it had been closed for decades.  Cody is an orphan and basically friendless until the new girl in town decides that she’s going to work for him.  Even if he isn’t thrilled with the idea.

The theater is haunted by a ghost who wants justice.  Something Cody can completely relate to.  He purchased a vile over the internet that made him into someone who could get justice for himself.  So what if it changed him forever and now he has to continue buying blood from the same site he bought the vile from.

This story only takes about twenty minutes to read, and like Cat Calls, is incredibly entertaining.  Both of these stories are free and did what they were intended to do.  After I finished them I went and bought Tantalize.  Free short stories are an excellent way to get to know an author.

Haunted Love is a ghost story.  I guess you could even say that it is a love story.  I’m just going to call it fun.  Haunted Love and Cat Calls are a great way to spend an hour snuggled under a blanket enjoying the cool fall weather.

PicsArt_1375992730999PG There is a ghost and she’s out for revenge.  Did I mention that there are vampires.  Come on, you know by now that I love vampire stories and what happens in vampire stories?  That’s right.  Someone loses their head.

Happy Halloween everyone.

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