Dead Like Me by Kelly Miller

Dead like MeDead Like Me

by Kelly Miller

Barnes and Noble



On edge after a two-week mandatory leave, Homicide Detective Kate Springer is blindsided when she discovers she shares a link with Tampa’s newest murder victim. A troubled teen found strangled and dumped in a remote part of town. The bond between them threatens to expose Detective Springer’s past—a past she’s been hell bent on keeping secret. When the killer finally emerges from the shadows, Kate’s secrets aren’t the only thing on the line. So is her life.

My Review: 

As many of you know murder mystery is a little out of my box.  But this month we wanted to do scary, mystery, intense for Halloween. This book was not my first choice I had picked up two before it and couldn’t even get half way thru them.  So when I started this one I was pleasantly surprised.

I finished in less them 24 hours. Kate Springer was a tough female detective character with a less then wonderful past.  She had an awful childhood and has been working hard to overcome it.  Her life takes a tale spin when the body of a young girl turns up that looks just like she did at that tender age.

This is a tough subject for some readers as it does involve children and a sexual predator.  I cringed when I read some of it and part of me wanted to slap her mother for over looking what should have been obvious signs. But overall it was a good read and I look forward to reading what Kelly Miller comes up with next.

PicsArt_1375992687897R  there is just no other rating when the subject matter involves a sexual predator.


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