Jane Has a Halloween Dream and Wisty Witch’s Stew for Two

For today’s Viola Corner we have a double feature.  First up:

jane has a halloween dreamJane Has a Halloween Dream

by Betty Palatin



Jane Has a Halloween Dream is a fun journey into counting for your beginning listeners and learners. This book is filled with all things Halloween, with ghouls and monsters galore. Your child will get a giggle with Jane’s Halloween dream while learning to count to ten.

The story takes your child into a haunted house where our fun monsters are having a party. As the guests arrive they will count up to nine, as the monsters leave your child will experience counting backwards.

Jessica’s Review: 

This is a not your typical counting book for children.  It is creative and a perfect Halloween story. The pictures are well drawn and perfect for the 2 – 4 year old range it is geared towards.

Viola’s Review:  I like the monsters! (Viola is fascinated with monsters and has been known to wake up in the middle of the night and “hunt” for them.) I like the Jack – O – Lateran too and I can count like Jane does.





Our Second Children’s book feature is:

Wisty Witch's stew for twoWisty Witch’s Halloween Stew

by Sandie Lee



Wisty Witch’s Stew for Two is a fun counting book for your 3 to 5 year-old listeners and learners. Each page has a big, bold picture that is simple, yet lively. In addition, the illustration complements the text for each corresponding number from one to ten.

Take your child on a fun journey through Wisty Witch’s recipe for her Pumpkin Stew. Each page represents a number and presents a fun ghoulish ingredient that Wisty adds to her big pot. Your children can count along with the recipe making this a fun interactive book.

Wisty Witch’s Stew for Two is also written in rhyme and will delight and amaze your little listeners with her wacky ingredients and a sweet inviting ending.

Jessica’s Summary: 

This is another cute counting book for Halloween.  This one illustrates the numbers with the ingredients that go in Wisty’s Stew. The illustrations are great.

Viola’s Review:

I can count the stuff on the pages.  I like the Halloween books.  They are fun to read.


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