Ghost in the Light by M. Kaye Hash

Ghost in the Ligh

Ghost in the Light

By M. Kaye Hash



After their bus wrecks, a group of football players and cheerleaders seek shelter and help in what looks to be a closed down mental institution. It doesn’t take long for them to realize they can’t get out and that something is in there with them. The darkness is after them but one ghost may be on their side if they can only stay alive and stay in the light.
My Review:
This book was okay.  I have a hard time reading anything that starts off by describing every single person in it. But once you get pasted that it’s not to bad.  The group ends up in a haunted Mental Institution looking for a phone to call in the accident.  As they go through they mean to stay together, but one by one are getting picked off.
Eventually they find a room to take refuge in, if only briefly.  In the room Izzy sees a ghost.  The ghost of a little girl that used to be a patient at the hospital.  She tries to help show Izzy the way out.
It’s all very suspenseful and you can’t help but wonder if they will all die or someone will get out.  It was a quick read and a good book to help put you in the Halloween spirit.
PicsArt_1375992631838R   the group of kids do graphically die in this book.

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