Shimmerspell by Kimberly Spencer

ShimmerspellShimmerspell by Kimberly Spencer


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Summary:  Jensen has no idea who she really is.  She also has no idea that she should even be asking the question.  It’s not bad enough that her con artist sister keeps moving them from place to place and she’s forced to move from one school to the next but she has to keep making friends.  Her new friends at her new school though are faeries and Jensen finds herself in the middle of something she wants no part of.  Which is really bad because she’s one of them.

My Review:  If you love fantasy creatures this is the novella for you.  If you love a good Seelie/Unseelie war then this is really the novella for you.  It has will o’ wisps, brownies and banshees.  In fact it has every fey creature I could think of.

It’s a quick read and it’s very pretty.  It has a lot of beautiful descriptions of faeries and of all of the places Jensen has to go to get answers.  There are a lot of scene changes and that was nice.  Sometimes novella’s about teens end up spending the entire time in a school setting.  This novella takes the reader on quite the journey for how short it is.  I liked that.

I felt for Jensen.  She’s abandoned by her sister and rescued by Liam the boy that likes her.  He turns out to be a faerie.  He has wings and everything.   Her sisters final words to her were “whatever you do, don’t take off your ring”.  That would have been enough for me to take it off right then and there but it takes Jensen a little while longer.  The ring is key.

There is a creepy cemetery scene that of course was my favorite.  The cemetery is home to creepy twins.  I love creepy cemetery twins at Halloween.  Is there anything better?

If you like television shows like Once Upon a Time or Sleepy Hollow you’ll like this novella.

PicsArt_1375992687897PG-13  The characters use adult language and by that I mean profanity not big words like Lanthanum.

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