The Loneliness of Jacob Rozinski

the lonelliness of jacob rozinskiThe Loneliness of Jacob Rozinski

By Julian Lorr





Jacob Rozinski paints portraits of the dead. When a family tragedy drags him back to his native Ireland, he could never have envisaged the darker forces that his own historical conflicts would unleash. As past generations of his family reveal secrets he knew nothing about, he finds himself locked into a battle between the living and the dead – a conflict that threatens to wedge open the gateway between the two forever with devastating consequences….

 My Review:  

I have been trying to read some books that are outside of my box.  This one is definitely outside of it.

It’s a dark tale of a man who has “night films”.  In his sleep the image plays out and then some of the people turn away from him while others turn towards him, two days later those that turned towards him are dead. Jacob is drawn to these faces so much that he must paint them.  Every time he does he captures some of their soul.

Seamus O’Gloughlin has a major problem with Jacob.  You see he was born in England to an Irish Mother and Polish father.  So he doesn’t “fit in” anywhere.  The death of Seamus is graphically depicted and in the afterlife he is just as horrible a person if not more so.  When he tries to get Jacob to reunite The Ceremonial Knife of the Veil so he can come back from the afterlife he rips Jacob’s surrogate father to pieces.

I’m not sure saying “I enjoyed this book” is the appropriate wording, but it was a well written book and if

you are looking for something a little different than normal this is definitely the book.  It brings in a little Polish folk lore with Irish heritage and even though it is “outside of my box” I will not hesitate to pick up something else by Julian Lorr.

PicsArt_1375992687897R  due to its graphic nature.


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