Dark Places (A Gryphonwood Anthology)

2232b5cbc3f84a2ac8b21f0466d0b66562e4b629-thumbDark Places (A Gryphonwood Anthology)


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A short story collection isn’t what we usually feature on Novella Thursday but we decided to kick October off right.  What could be more perfect than a collection of scary short stories?  I was already a big fan of Alan Baxter.  His work is why I first bought this but as I worked my way through the book I found I enjoyed them all.  Anthologies are such a great way of finding new authors to read.  I probably wouldn’t have found Terry W. Ervin II on my own and I really enjoyed The Scene of My Second Murder.

My favorite story was Cemetery.  What I love about Alan Baxter’s work is that it hints of my favorite short story authors of all time.  Storyteller’s like O. Henry and de Maupassant have always entertained me.  Something that all of them share is the fact that sometimes you don’t know if they’re playing with you.  It’s like they lead you to water and you don’t know if they expect you to drink or wade in up to your neck until you soon discover that your standing in quicksand.  It doesn’t really matter though because whatever you think you’ll be wrong.  Even if you see the ending coming they find a way to knock you senseless or in the case of Cemetery- SCARE YOU SENSELESS.

I really like all of the stories in this anthology.  I urge you not to skip the introduction.  It’s lovely, short and one of the best introductions I’ve ever read.  It’s heart warming and that’s good because these stories will leave you breathless and checking under your bed.


Check out Alan Baxter’s novels


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