Sammy The Shark

SAMMY THE SHARKSammy the Shark

By:  Bobby Bishop (Author) Doktor WhoBerry (Illustrator)



Sammy is a shark looking for some friends. The problem is, his looks scare the other sea creatures.  This short story will motivate and inspire your kids to be active about the things they want to achieve in life. They will also learn to never give-up. Your kids will enjoy full color illustrations of Sammy the Shark and all of the sea creatures he meets.


This is a wonderful children’s story.  The pictures are bright and colorful.  The story itself is creatively written to teach children that you can’t judge a person based on the way they look.  Sammy the shark is a nice shark just looking to make some friends.  But Sammy looks mean and everyone is scared of him. When illegal fisherman come into the protected sanctuary that Sammy and the other sea creatures live in it’s up to Sammy to save the day.

Viola’s Review:  Sammy started out mean, but he wasn’t really mean, he was a nice shark.  In the end everyone liked him. I liked this book.



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